The close exposure detecting app Bluezone
Please read the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) before you start installing any part of the close exposure detecting application (“Bluezone”), including but not limited to all softwares, files and relating documents. By installing the App, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.
Article 1. Introduction of Bluezone
The close exposure detecting app Bluezone is developed by Ministry of Information and Communications and Ministry of Health under the direction of Prime Minister, aiming at protecting the community against Covid-19.
Based on Bluetooth Low Energy solution, Bluezone determines close contacts among smart phone users who have installed and applied Bluezone. The App will notify when the user is exposed to the Covid-19 affected/ suspected cases or to those in close contact with the affected/ suspected cases.
Contacts among Bluezoners are recorded in exposure history. Exposure history data are archived in the user’s smart phone. The data are only provided to the healthcare agency with the App user’s consent or in case the user is affected or suspected to be affected.
Bluezone records exposure history, not location. The App does not use or access other date on the app user’s phone such as contact list, photo album…
To manage the close exposure identification, you need to download and install the app Bluezone.
Article 2. Update
The App may be updated by the App Development Team and the updated version is published on http://www.bluezone.gov.vn/. The updated version will replace the terms and conditions in the initial agreement. The user may access the App or above website for specific contents of the updates.
Article 3. Accessibility
By using the App, you agree to the App’s using the following functions on your phone: (1) Read and record contact history; (2) Use Bluetooth to detect close contact with users’ consents; (3) Access Internet via your device. All these accesses are conducted only with your consent, therefore, when allowing us the access permissions, you acknowledge that you do not have any claim to this access.
Article 4. Registration
You may provide personal information for proper instruction and support by the healthcare agency when needed. Personal information is your full name, telephone number, address.
By registering personal information, you agree to the healthcare agency’s using the information to prevent Covid-19.
You are self responsible for your information using and registration.
Article 5. Privacy and copyrights
The user’s data used for analysing and tracking affected and suspected cases are archived and secured by the Government agency and strictly used for healthcare purpose, not for any commercial purpose or privacy violation.
The App Development Team have no right to collect and use the user’s information for any other purpose and to reveal any information that may cause harms or promote illegal behaviors to the user’s privacy rights in compliance with the Vietnamese law or Bluezone regulations.
Article 6. Content
You may provide basic personal information, including: full name, telephone number and residential address.
You will be notified about the risk of infection and given proper contact, instruction and assistance by the healthcare agency in case he/she is exposed to the affected/ suspected Bluezoners.
The authorities will identify, determine, isolate and support the affected, suspected cases and closely exposed ones.
Article 7. Rights and responsibilities
You must comly with all applicable regulations on information safety and security. You are responsible to register information of high accuracy.
Your personal information is secured in compliance with the applicable law.
When using the App, you are allowed to use supporting services as regulated. If an error is found, please inform Bluezone assistance team.
You have all righs and responsibilities in compliance with the applicable law.
Bluezone Development Team
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